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I had the pleasure of attending lectures by Dr. and Mrs. McCollum in 1959 about eating habits. I took their information serious and began doing what they taught. It worked out very well. I had a tendency to take on weight since my mother was 200 pounds. The cleansing diet kept my weight where I wanted it to be. I had to look my best since I was a professional dealing with people daily.

My next birthday makes me 89, free of pharmaceuticals and independent. In 1959 my husband lost 30 pounds. We were just married and when his mother saw him again, she accused me of starving him and it wasn’t long before he had his 210 pounds back. He decided to eat his way. He passed away at age 73.

Here it is 16 years later and I’m still kicking. I have wanted to share this information for some time and finally insisted to make time for it.

There will be other videos and links recommended by elderly friends who have various problems to overcome.

Following is the introduction by Florence McCollum.

“It is the purpose of this blog to start you on a plan of right living. To accomplish this it is necessary first, to understand the kinds of foods which are available in civilized communities. We are living in a scientific age and food processing is at a peak. Most of our foods are scientifically treated. Hundreds of chemicals are used in this process. Read the labels of all packaged foods and canned foods you buy. See for yourself how far the manufacturers have gone to color, flavor and preserve foods.

Estrogen is used to fatten poultry and meat animals, also to speed their growth. This hormone substance certainly does not contribute to the health of humans who eat foods prepared in this unnatural manner.

Certain food dyes added to our foods and beverages, and classified as safe in our country, are not allowed in some foreign countries, including Germany, Great Britain, Sweden and Switzerland. The scientists of those great countries must have a good reason for not allowing such chemical dyes and foods. Many laws regulating food processing in Europe were made following a meeting, in 1956, of a group of cancer experts. These specialists acknowledged that processes which included dyes, thickeners, synthetic sweeteners, preservatives, fat substitutes, antibiotics, radiation and the like were creating serious health problems.

One might ask “Don’t we have laws to protect our health against such chemicals?” Up to the present time many such chemicals have not been tested long enough to learn the results. Remember, many of these chemicals are cumulative, which means the body does not eliminate them rapidly. It is not what you eat today that counts. It is all of these chemicals that you take in every day over a long period of time which becomes important. It would be an extremely expensive task for the food industry to test all of these chemicals for enough years to prove them safe or dangerous.

One frightening example of this came to light in a certain area where citrus growers were using chemicals to color citrus. The coloring was declared unsafe for human consumption. This citrus area, fighting for its life, declared that no one would buy oranges without coloring. The Congress then passed special legislation permitting the use of this dangerous coloring for three more years so that the industry could find something of a more suitable nature which would not harm the user.

While this is just one example, circumstances similar to this will go on and on unnoticed through the years. “Big business” must be protected. What is the answer? How can one protect oneself? There is just one answer. We must learn to stay close to nature, to use only the foods which have not been tampered with. If anything has been added leave it alone. Use fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy products like natural cheese not processed.

Get natural grains from the health food stores in your community instead of the de-germinated products from the large millers, commonly found in grocery stores. We should complain long and loud, when wax is found on cucumbers, or red coloring matter on new potatoes. If we complain to merchants long enough, perhaps something can be done to protect our health. In the meantime it is my aim to teach you a system of healthful living, but you will have to cooperate carefully by selecting only the finest natural food available.

I shall do my best under the circumstances, to give you as much information as I can, to keep you feeling fit for the rest of your life. Mother Nature has placed six great natural doctors at our disposal. They are sunshine, air, water, diet, and the laws of nature. We will have better health, better looks and above all a happy feeling within. When again we become “children of nature” instead of “products of science. We will have less disease. Statistics show that there are now more diseases to be treated than ever before in the history of man.

Medical serums can immunize against contagious disease, but we can lose our own natural immunity by depending on such medication. Our own natural immunity fights all germs, not just one variety. I contend that no disease germ can live in a healthy body. If you select a good diet rich in all essential nutrition, if you keep your body clean, will have good health all of the days of your life. Nature has a way of eliminating the weak; this is her way of keeping the strain strong.

In wild life, the weak die and the strong survive. Wild creatures do not have “shots” to help them build artificial antibodies to fight diseases. Throughout time the world has suffered epidemics which eliminated the weak. All of the scientists of the world cannot fight this basic fact. Mother Nature is jealous of her strain and will fight to keep it strong.

The struggle facing every health minded person is how to keep well in this scientific age, with all of the food additives in our foods and beverages. To this there is only one answer, we must return to a more natural way of life. This will not solve all of our problems but it will go a long way toward better health and a longer life.

Where must one begin? Remember, a clean body is a healthy body and the body knows exactly how to process such foods. It takes from the nourishment which is needed for repair and body building. It then throws off what is not needed, as waste. This cannot be said for processed foods, which are altered in their composition until the body cannot adapt itself to the changes. This creates a vast accumulation of unassimilated chemicals which result in toxemia.

The Naturopaths in Europe have long realized the dangers associated with toxemia in contributing to serious illnesses. In the many health spas where the Naturopaths work, they have created cleansing diets which help break up the accumulations which cause toxemia. These diets are mostly high in mineral salts and it is amazing how effective they are.” [Editor Florence McCollum]


CBS/AP November 16, 2018, 9:10 PM

Jennie-O recalls 91,000 pounds of raw turkey amid salmonella outbreak

NEW YORK — Jennie-O Turkey is recalling more than 91,000 pounds of raw turkey in an ongoing salmonella outbreak. The recall is the first tied to an outbreak the U.S. Department of Agriculture says is widespread and likely affects a number of different producers in the industry. So far this year, the outbreak has resulted in one death and 164 reported illnesses in 35 states. About half of those sickened had to be hospitalized.

Regulators did not say how many of those people were exposed to products sold by Jennie-O, a subsidiary of food industry giant Hormel. They say additional products from other companies could be named as their investigation continues.

The products being recalled include one-pound packages of raw, ground turkey and were sold nationwide. They had a use-by date of October 1 or 2, but could still be in freezers. The packages are labeled with the establishment number “P-190.” Regulators say the product should be thrown away.

The recalled products are:

  • Jennie-O Ground Turkey 93% LEAN | 7% FAT” with “Use by” dates of 10/01/2018 and 10/02/2018.
  • Jennie-O Taco Seasoned Ground Turkey” with a “Use by” date of 10/02/2018.
  • Jennie-O Ground Turkey 85% LEAN | 15% FAT” with a “Use by” date of 10/02/2018.
  • Jennie-O Italian Seasoned Ground Turkey” with a “Use by” date of 10/02/2018.

In addition to ground turkey, salmonella has also been detected in raw turkey pet food and live turkeys, an indication the bacteria is widespread in the turkey industry. Cont’d:


CDC Expands E. coli Warning To All Romaine Lettuce  Nov 20, 2018

CBS Los Angeles

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