The Cleansing Diet


By Florence McCollum


The purpose of the cleansing diet is exactly what the name implies – to clean the body. Whatever the reason for your joining this class, the first important step is the use of the cleansing diet. Nothing can be accomplished with dine food or food planning until the body is thoroughly clean and again able to assimilate the foods properly.

Following is a three-day cleansing diet in which only fresh fruits and vegetables are used. In the morning us a quart of fresh fruit juice of any kind you wish. (If you have a liver congestion do not use orange juice, as it is too high in sugar content. Grapefruit juice would be more desirable). Use one glass at a time during the morning hours until the full quart has been consumed. Following the quart of fresh juice, you may eat all of the fresh fruits which are in season, too keep from being hungry. These fruits must be fresh, not canned or frozen.

In the afternoon use one quart of vegetable broth from the recipe below:

1 cup of chopped parsley
1 cup of chopped spinach
1 cup of chopped celery (including the leaves)
1 cup of grated carrots
2 onions 6 tomatoes
2 chopped green peppers
Sea salt to taste.

Add three quarts of cold water, and bring to a boil, simmer thirty minutes and allow it to stand until cool. Strain thoroughly; squeeze out all juice, and during the afternoon hours until one quart has been consumed. This broth should be taken hot. To prevent hunger, celery or carrot strips are permissible during the afternoon and a lightly cooked vegetable dinner should served in the evening. (If tomatoes are out of season, use one large can of whole tomatoes purchased in your health food store. If your city water contains fluorine you must use bottled water in making the broth). The function of this cleansing diet should be obvious. The fruits and fruit juices taken in the morning stir up the excess acids, while the vegetables and vegetable juices in the afternoon flush them out of the system. Remember the above is strictly a cleansing diet. Nothing may be eaten except fresh fruits and vegetables.

There are variations in the cleansing diet. For example, in Europe, if one is taking the cleansing diet for the kidneys, one extra cup of parsley is added to the basic broth. In the same way, for the liver, one extra cup of chopped best greens (beet tops) is added. Everyone knows how wonderfully effective fresh garlic is for hypertensive high blood pressure. People suffering from such ailments should take one clove of garlic in two and swallow it just like you would a pill. Eat a sprig of fresh parsley afterward to kill the odors.

People who have rheumatism, or suffer arthritic like pains frequently have a pain reaction to citrus fruits and juices. To overcome this takes one tablespoonful of wheat-germ oil in one-third glass of tomato juice, at bedtime, on each day of the cleansing diet.

After the cleansing diet the vital diet should be used.
This three-day diet contains excellent nourishment and will make you feel just wonderful.

During the cleansing diet the body must eliminate at the highest rate possible. The rate of elimination may be increased materially by the use of an Epson sale bath before retiring. This bath opens the pores and speeds further elimination through the skin. Add one half pound of Epson salt to a tub of hot water.
Stay in the tub about 15 minutes, adding hot water to keep comfortable. After the allotted time has passed briskly rub the body with a Turkish towel and then go to bed.

[Ednote: The first time I did the cleansing diet, I felt pretty sick which results from the shape the body is in. I repeated the diet about every three-month and began to feel like a newborn baby. Doing this routine was the only way I could keep my weight where it needed to be ]

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